The SH09 bracelet is a full integrated solution that track your health and fitness activities while being paired with your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone.

While monitoring your heart rate, its step counter will give you an idea of how far you run and how many step you walk in your day. The bracelet vibration mode will notify you about your fitness activity progression or any other type of alarms (time clock, heart rate, incoming phone calls, phone lost).

On your smartphone, the sum up of your activities (burned calories, steps and distance count) will be rendered into an easy to read daily, weekly or monthly graphic log form. The same will be achieved for your heart rate monitoring as well as your sleeping state monitoring.

High accuracy

Our SH09 smart bracelet is one of the first product to be release with the long awaited AMS AS7000 biosensor solution:

The accuracy of its heart rate monitor is on par with any major brand such as Polar, Wahoo, etc.

  • Smartphone integration

    To get the best out of our bracelet, it has to be used conjunction with our dedicated Android 4.3 or newer and Apple iOS 7 or newer smartphone application called smart movement.

    Application features

    The smart movement app allow you to…

    ● Consult your training and fitness graphical log
    ● Start your training and continuous heart rate recording
    ● Pair and lock your bracelet to your phone and personalize it: set time, user profile (Name, Age, Weight, etc.), fitness goal (daily step minimum count)
    ● Choose and set the type of notification (time clock alarm, heart rate (max/min) alert, incoming call and anti phone lost alert activation)
    ● Set the bracelet vibration notifications length
    ● Remotely take a phone selfie using your bracelet
    ● Share your data on facebook, twitter

  • ● The size of the device: 40mmx18mmx12.9mm
    ● The size of the package: 95mm*95mm*28mm
    ● Battery: Rechargable polymer 45mah
    ● Weight: 6g
    ● Mainchip: TI CC2640
    ● G-Sensor: 3D accelerator
    ● Screen: Touch screen, 0.86″ OLED, Resolution: 96×32 px
    ● Charging: USB Interface Input Voltage5.0V
    ● Bluetooth: BT4.0
    ● Waterproof: IP67
    ● Standby (Display off): 6 days
    ● HRM monitor mode (Display off): 36 hrs and above
    ● Heart rate: optical wrist based
  • Review

    Read the unbiased review from the notorious Cnx-Software Embedded Software Development blog:

    Part one:

    Energympro EP-SH09 Bluetooth LE Fitness Tracker Features AMS AS7000 Biosensor

    Part two:

    Energympro EP-SH09 Fitness Tracker Review


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