DSW GPS SPORT WATCH 115$. Local pickup or shipped (20$)

Complete, powerful yet affordable

For its price, DSW gps watch has it all! Our watch is packed with plenty of useful features such as heart rate and calories monitoring, speed/cadence support (accessories not included), built-in pedometer, interval training, race against time (Ghost function), trackback and map mode.


The DSW watch has an intuitive interface and is compatible with most operating systems (Windows, Mac Os X, Linux, Android, etc.) It uses a usb mass storage interface similar as a usb drives making it easy for you to download your workouts as well as upgrading the firmware.

  • ● A GPS sports watch that provides accurate speed, distance, altitude and directions data;
    ● Four fully-customizable training screens;
    ● A USB connection to Google map to review and analyse your workout data with sports software and web applications;
    ● Run against the clock/ghost function: set personal goals and challenge yourself;
    ● Customize your interval training to improve your performance;
    ● Can be used indoors: know your speed and distance without the GPS data;
    ● Built-in electrical compass to provide more reliable directions;
    ● Map, location (waypoint) and trackback: avoid getting lost;
    ● Comfortable elastic heart rate monitoring strap: know your fitness level;
    ● Automatic workout pausing depending on the speed;
    ● Automatic laps based on time or distance
    ● Training alarms based on heart rate, speed/pace, cadence, time or distance;
    ● Standard clock and alarm functions. Up to ten days with a full charge and GPS OFF;
    ● Up to seven hours training time with GPS ON;
    ● 3 ATM water-resistant design;
    ● Backlight for night use;
    ● Built in rechargeable Li-Poly battery

  • ● Ublox6 high performance sensitivity GPS chipset
    ● Patch antenna
    ● Memory: 40 hours continuous recording
    ● Display active area : 22*22 (in mm)/ 4 Grayscale colors
    ● Resolution: 90×90 Pixels
    ● Water resistance: Standard 3ATM
    ● Unit Thickness: 15.4 mm
    ● Weight: 52g
    ● Backlight: display single level
    ● Operating: temperature -10 ℃ to 60 ℃
    ● Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-condensing
    ● Voltage: 3.7V for battery recharging
    ● Battery: rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    ● Battery life : standby = up to 10 days (GPS OFF), operation = Over 7 hours (GPS ON, 3D fixed)
    ● Strike sensor: embedded
    ● Heart rate monitor: 2.4GHz ANT+ TM Sport Protocol
    ● Combo sensor: 2.4GHz ANT+ TM Sport Protocol
    ● E-compass: embedded
    ● Interface: USB (Mass Storage)
  • Other guides and demo videos coming soon… 

  • Firmware

    Download instructions
    Latest Firmware EW3_20141218_01.CPW.zip

    Before updating your watch, please make sure the battery is at least half charged. Also, it is safer to backup and copy all the watch folders onto your computer in case something wrong would happen during the update.

    Connect your watch to your computer. Use the mouse and right-click on the DEVICE FIRMWARE UPGRADE folder and delete it. Eject your watch from your system and disconnect it from your computer. By reconnecting the watch to your computer, a new DEVICE FIRMWARE UPGRADE folder will be created automatically. This one will be used in the next steps.

    For starters, download and unzip the file above.

    Then drop the extracted .cpw file into the “DEVICE FIRMWARE UPGRADE” folder of your watch. Once done, you can eject the watch from your pc, turn it on again and let the watch automatically upgrade until it powers off by itself.

    You can finally turn your watch back on and reset its parameters by performing the step below:
    Go into MENU->SETUP->STATUS and choose RESET

    Your watch is now ready to be used again.

    It is advisable to set the time by selecting the right time zone or Daylight savings mode if necessary (Settings-> System-> TIME) and also associate your heart monitor with your watch (SETUP-> SENSOR).

    Note that the first GPS connection (3d fix) after an update can be longer than usual.



    …full guide coming soon

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