This is a cycling speed and cadence sensor, integrated with Bluetooth function. It can work with the devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+. It support most popular apps and the user can get the cycling speed and cadence information.


Engineering Parameter

1. Wireless

a) Transmission: Bluetooth4.0, ANT+

b) Transmission distance: 10 meters

c) Transmission data format : Bluetooth 4.0, Refer to Bluetooth 4.0 Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile.

ANT+, Refer to ANT+ Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile 2. Battery

a) Battery Type: 1 x CR2032

b) Battery Life: 600 Hours in Working mode 3. Modes

  1. a)  Working Mode: The sensor detect new signal in cadence or speed or both, and start to transmit the speed and cadence data by Bluetooth.
  2. b)  Standby Mode: The sensor haven’t detect new signal for 5 second, the whole unit turn into standby mode, wireless transmission shut down.
Waterproof Level: IPX7
Operation: -5°C to 40°C , 95%RH;

Storage: -20.0°C to 60.0°C ,  95%RH; Mechanical

Material & Color
a) Material :ABS
b) Color :Black
c) Silk Print:T.B.D (Could be customized) Weight:80g

Outline and Size


File No.: PF-2013-BK804-01

Version: V1.0.0

Issue Date: 2013-04-5


Product Profile: BK804





1. Main Device: 1 piece
2. Soft silicon pad A: 1 piece 3. Soft silicon pad B: 1 piece 4. Silicon band: 1 piece
5. Strapping tape: 6 pieces
6. Speed sensor: 1 piece
7. Cadence Sensor: 1 piece
8. User manual: 1 piece

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