Welcome to our company, Energympro.

EGP (aka Energympro) is a company born from a partnership between different sports geek around the world and a dedicated manufacturer based in Taiwan. Our members have evolved in the gps sport field for years and our goal is to keep offering quality products at entry level pricing while wanting our users to be part of the devolvement.


In short term this mean that every client have a voice with energympro. They can simply join us on the website forums and share their experiences and user impressions among the community. Or, they can directly communicate and submit their thoughts and request to the delopper. We also have a bug tracking system to keep track of bugs, improvements and features requests that have been submitted in the Forums.


In the long terms, it means that we expect to release all of our sdk to the public and allow developers to create their own rom and firmwares. It also mean that we will we be offering after warranty repair service at a low fee to make sure to extend the life spa of our products to the max. We are perhaps just at our beginnings but in the future we expect you to tell how the company should grow, not us.


Hoping you’ll like your stay with us 🙂


The EGP team.

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